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  The Complete Reference to China/Chinese Related Web Sites
  [ by Weiqing Huang ]
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  TIME Asia's Young Chinese (****) (English) 
The generation that has grown up since the Cultural Revolution is a country- within- a- country, one that faces new possibilities, new fears—and a wide world that it will surely change. (10/23/2000). China Special Report (****) (English) 
features overview, key stories, web links, photo gallery, and country news.
  Newsweek: The New China (****) (English) 
features new China's Diplomacy: Beyond History's Shadow, Interview: Jiang Speaks Out, Bill Clinton: Why I'm Going to China, Tiananmen: Fading Scar, Religion: Missionaries Flock to China, Business: Tricks of Trade, Economics: Another Indonesia, Culture: The Rebirth of Shanghai, and Women: More Rights - at a Cost.
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bullet China Three Gorges Project (****) (English and Chinese GB)
bullet China's Labor Net (****) of Chinese Government Labor Department provides information regarding Labor Law, Wages, Human Resources, Vocational Training, Job Markets Analyses, and so on. (Chinese GB Only).
bullet China -- The Long March to Capitalism (***) features some of the acute editorial cartoons on Chinese events.
bullet China Dawn Website (***) (Chinese GB and English)
bullet ChinaInfoNet at Global Villager provides
bullet China's Information Port (****) by Beijing Email Co., Ltd. provides plenty information such as Chinese Newspapers Online, Chinese Enterprises, Travel in China, Chinese Publication, Trade & Economic Information, Download Software, and World Wide Navigation. This site is in Beijing and most pages are in Chinese (GB).
bullet Beijing Bike Electronic Technology, Inc's Bike WWW Server (****) has almost all kinds information available, including News, Business & Economy, Science & Technology, E duration, Culture & Art, Sports, Medicine, Recreation, and more, all in Chinese GB format. This is almost the best site I have ever seen in China
bullet Beijing Calmar Network Engineering Co. Ltd. provides a lot of interesting information. It is in Chinese language (GB).
bullet Read On Line (*****) is one of the best online information provider in China, you can find almost all kind information regarding to daily life in China. This site now is only in China (GB).
bullet Chinese Readers Network (***) (Chinese GB)
bullet Hello, China! (****) -- A service to the Chinese community worldwide from MCI
bullet Chinese Community Information Center
bullet Walton's Chinese Internet Directory (****) provides a directory for China/Chinese-related web sites in English and Chinese (GB and BI-5 format), and a Business Yellow Page (****), as well as bulletin boards such as Discussion Forum and Chinese Culture Workshop for you to post and to chat with other peoples.
bullet General China and Chinese Related Content Providers
bullet Those Web Sites using China and Chinese in their domain names:
  • China123 (***) provides some information regarding China and Chinese business.
  • Contact China (**)
  • ChinaInternet (***) provided by AmericAsia Corp. features China Internet, Taiwan Internet, and Hong Kong Internet.
  • China GoldLink (****) provides information about China, especially about Tianjin such as Tianjin Economic Technological Development Area (TEDA), Tianjin Beichen Economic Development Area, and etc..
  • China Guide (***) is the gateway to Chinese culture, and precisely, it is the marketing advertisements for China related products.
  • China List (***)
  • China Pages (****) 's mission is to broadcast China News and China business information, introduce Chinese economy, China industry, China trade, China culture, China entertainment, China sports and China education to the world and promote the development of China's economy and society. It was founded by Jack Ma.
  • China Pages (***) is a site in China (in both English and Chinese GB and Big-5). It looks like it is owned by the same company with China Pages. Its Music Palace, and the Art on Web Plaza are pretty cool.
  • China the Beautiful (***) collects Classical Chinese Art, Calligraphy, Poetry, History, Literature, Painting and Philosophy. Its domain name is chinapage -- no s.
  • ChinaPro Homepage (****) in Chinese (Big5) features Newspapers List, Stock Watch, VIP Club, Entertainment, Market Place, Foreign Police, Shopping Mall, and China Unify.
  • China Rainbow (****) is the WWW site for Jilin Province of China. It is in English, Chinese (GB and Big-5).
  • China Road  (***) is another site providing general information regarding China and Beijing in Chinese (GB).
  • China Seek  is empty (as of 7-24-1997).
  • China Today (***) provides very general information about China.
  • (****) is an index page of China related information (all in Chinese GB).
  • China Vista (***) contains City Vista, BusinessVista, Travel Vista, and Culture Vista.
  • China-on-Web (***) hosts the web pages of the China Hope Project and the China Torch Program, and provides information regarding Cooperation, Import/Export, Investment, Real Estate, Travel, Publication, Services, and Society.
  • China-Web: Business Gateway to China (***) is created by a private Chinese Internet service company CyberWeb Technology based in Shanghai. Therefore, besides information about China, they provide pretty much information about Shanghai.
  • 1st China is a searchable index page for China/Chinese related information.
  • A Cyberway to China (***) provides information about Shanghai as well as China. It has an on-line magazine called LOOK AT SHANGHAI
  • Great China Telecom Ltd (Hong Kong) (****) features China Yellow Page, Hong Kong Yellow Page, and Brand's, Entertainment, ...
  • OpenChina (****) provides China's business information, cultural information, information about travel to China, and so on.
  • NetChina.Co.Cn (****) is ChinaNet Info Tech Co. Ltd.'s domain name. This site (in Chinese GB) contains a lot of business information as well as something like train schedule, zip code, daily life knowledge, ...
  • NetChina (**) contains mainly commercial ads.
  • Welcome-To-China.Com (***) provides majorly business information.
bullet JNW International, Inc. (***) provides Chinese Mac Information, Chinese Painting Master QI Bai Shi and His Art, and hosts MultiWorld as a mirror site in California.
bullet NIHAO: China InfoWeb (***) provides sports and entertainment, finance and stock, business and investment, companies and organizations, publications and exhibitions, and ...
bullet TWnet (***)  is a Chinese information website directed towards the Chinese-American community, intended for Chinese professionals who are interested in Chinese affairs and activities.
bullet Made in China (*****), a digital journey through the culture, history and geography of the land that brought you paper, pistols and parachutes. Follow Candide and his team of explorers as they make their way through the country - five cities in five weeks - covering a wide range of material, from culinary history to social policy, from calligraphy to opera and a whole smattering of fascinating stuff in between. The site is updated with dispatches for the duration of the trip (through November 13 of this year) and, amongst other things, you can subscribe to related mailing lists and join weekly live chats" -- Yahoo said.
bullet Mianbao's China: The Museum of the Absurd (*****) is a of bizarre sightings, odd writing, and truly unique experiences that only exist in this very strange land -- China. The most important thing is that you look at the exhibits with a sense of humor.
bullet China Wind (in China) (***) has many interesting stuffs (in Chinese GB), and their China Scenery (****) has many beautiful pictures of famous China sights.
bullet China Window / Global Net (****) sorts information by provinces and cities as well as by subjects. You can find all kinds of "windows" here -- Beijing Window, Tianjin Window, Shanghai Window, and the subjects like art, business, ...
bullet Malaysia's Chinatown (****) is a web site containing a lot of information, especially the information regarding Chinese in Malaysia. (Chinese GB).
bullet TWnet (****) provides features such as Reader Interests, Chinese/English News, Classified, Stock Market, Business Directory, Government Bureaus, Organizations & Associations, Forum, and Overseas Chinese Events.
bullet NetVigator (****) is a Hong Kong based web site that contains a lot of interesting stuff and up-to-date Hong Kong news as well as Ads (in English and Chinese Big-5).
bullet LingNet -- The Linguist's Network at the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC) has a Chinese and Chinese-related Sites page (****), in which there are many links. This page is organized from the perspective of a military linguist.
bullet GND Gopher has a lot of useful information. Besides the CND News and HXWZ magazine, its InfoBase has information about
bullet Chinese Cyber World (****) provided by Asian American Net is a very comprehensive and colorful resource list.
bullet Chinese Cyber City (****) (in Chinese GB and BIG5) in California has the very up-to-date and interesting information.
bullet Intermics -- Images and Storis (****) is runned by a beautiful story teller. Besides the stories she tells and mathes she teaches, she presents you a personal journal in which A Trip to China is the most informative, but the pictures are a little bit conceited and self-centered -- I only found one picture without her pretty silhouette on it. If you are never bored by a pretty girl's face repeatedly showing, these pictures looks lovely and beautiful. She also has a few sites to review. Anyway, I like this talky girl.
bullet Civa World Wide Web - The Web Bridge Crossing Eastern and Western (or called North American Chinese Information) (**) -- whatever name, but the contents are not very impressive.
bullet CIA FactBaook 1994 -- look at what information CIA got about CHINA.
bullet Planet Earth Homepage lists 12 links to get your started to know China if China is a new country to you. (***)
bullet SinoSource (***) is another China related information provider.
bullet Chinese Community in Vancouver, BC, Canada (***) provided by Cultural Express.
bullet Heng Yuan's Chinese Web Directory (mixed some HZ format Chinese language).
bullet The Art of China has of Chinese art, music, scenery, zodiac and other Chinese related sites. It is provided Multi-Culture On-Line at Purdue University.
bullet China Wave is a web site providing China-related information. It is in Japanese language, no English version available.
bullet Information About China (***) at Japan's Sun Site. There are only some links to CIA or Army's handbooks.
bullet CanImmLaw Co. Ltd. contains information of Chinese Professionals Women of Canada Association, a Chinese Canadian's art gallery, and Canada immigration information.
bullet Chinese Culture Center  is empty except a picture of Beijing Opera.
bullet China's Development:
bullet Academic Consulting International (ACI)'s Service Center for Studying in Ameircan Universities provides membership-based service for the Chinese students studing in American Universities (in Chinese). They also have a English-Language homepage called Writing Assistant Center.