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  The Complete Reference to China/Chinese Related Index Pages, Search Engines, and Portal Sites
  [ by Weiqing Huang ]
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  Portal Sites Providing General Information Related to China/Chinese          
  Sina owns four web sites: or (*****) (China) (Chinese GB Only) 
is one of China's popular portal site. (*****) (Beijing) (Chinese GB Only) 
is invested by Korean I-BLE and SIMMANI.
  W(orld)Forum (*****) (US) (Chinese GB/Big5) 
is a web forum site, but is as comprehensive as a portal site. It has news, weather, stock, and, of cause, all kind of web forum. (****) (Chinese GB/Big5) 
is a portal sites with search engine and news. It has three sites in Shanghai, New York, and Taipei respectively.
  FM 365 (****) (Chinese GB Only) 
is a web portal run by Legend.
  MyWeb (****) (Chinese GB Only) 
a San Francisco-based Chinese portal web site (OTC BB: MYWB).
  China.Com (***) (Chinese GB Only) 
is a Hong Kong based Nasdaq listed company. Its stock and news can be found on Yahoo. (****) (Chinese GB Only) 
is a web directory. It features news, music, lifestyle, software and hardware, literatures, and computer games.
  TCL Home2000 (****) (Chinese GB Only) 
features news, whether report, and other family related information.
  Chinese Readers Network (****) (Chinese GB Only) 
  ChinaInfo (***) (Chinese GB Only) (****) (Chinese GB Only) 
  ZhaoDaoLa (****) (Chinese GB Only) 
its headline news updated four times everyday, and categorized index. Nice design.
  GZNet (GongZhou Windows) (****) (Chinese GB Only) 
nice web design, nice content. (***) (Chinese GB Only) 
a search engine and web  index and directory site. (***) (Chinese GB Only) 
by MIH. (or Chinese Hot Line) (***) (Chinese GB Only) 
is a content-rich site, but is not well-organized. So it is not easy to find something and a lot of broken links.
  3721 (****) (Chinese GB Only) 
provide a search engine and software plug-in to map Chinese character keywords into English domain name or URL. (Shi Ling Tong) (****) (Chinese GB Only) 
is a portal site run by Gongdong Telecom. (****) (Chinese GB Only) 
a portal featuring news, English learning, alumni, e-commerce, and computer stuffs. (**) (Chinese GB Only) 
is a news portal site.
  ChinaTownGroup (****) (Korean Only) 
a Chinese information portal in Korean language. 
  Newspad (***) (Chinese GB Only) 
is a special portal site for IBM WorkPad. It is very simple but pretty informative.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) QiJi (****) (Chinese BG Only) 
features news, search engine, and others.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) (***) (Chinese BG Only) 
features news, search engine, free email, and others. (****) (Chinese Big5) 
a portal site created by merging more than 14 Chinese sites at about US$200,000 into its site. It started in July 1999. (***) (Chinese Big5) 
a claimed port site for wireless users.
  Yifan (****) (Chinese GB/Big5/English) 
features search, news, library, chat rooms, and bulletin board.
  US Chinese Portal Sites  
  (Chinese Big5 Only) 
a biased-to-Taiwan portal site.
a dictionary and index guide to China.
  Hong Kong Portal Sites  
  (Chinese Big5) 
features life, entertainment, computer, news, sports, and more. Navigator also opened a Netvigator in Canada.(*****)
  (Chinese Big5) 
the spin off from, these is no search engine on this site.
  Taiwan Portal Sites  
  (Chinese Big5 Only) 
  • Yam (***) is a search engine ortal site in Taiwan.
(Chinese Big5 Only) 
  • Kimo (***) is a yahoo-style portal site in Taiwan.
(Chinese Big5 Only) 
  (Chinese GIF) 
  (Chinese Big5 Only) 
  Australia Chinese Portal Sites  
  (English/Chinese GB/ Big5) 
previously called, is developed by Melbourne, Australia based First Asia Consulting.
  Yellow Pages   Go to Top!
  Hong Kong Yellow Pages (***) (English/Chinese Big5) 
The Hong Kong Yellow Pages
  HiNet106 (***) (English/Chinese Big5) 
The Taiwan Yellow Pages
  People Search  Go to Top!
  LOOK4U: Look-For-You, (***) (English/Chinese GB/Big5) 
The Global Chinese People Finder is a global Chinese name and email address search directory. It lists Chinese people exclusively around the world and now has over 500,000 Chinese names.
  Search Engines  Go to Top!
  Google Chinese  (*****) (California) (Chinese GB) 
the best Chinese search engine.
  Yahoo has several Chinese language sites. After we tested, we found Yahoo Chinese is still the best Chinese language search engine though they are not as good as English language Yahoo site.
  LycosAsia China (*****) (Chinese GB Only) 
is Lycos China's web site.
  LycosAsia Hong Kong (*****) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
is Lycos Hong Kong's web site.
  AltaVista (Chinese GB Version) (*****) (Chinese GB Only) 
is still the most powerful Chinese language search engine to search pages in Chinese on the Internet. It also has a Chinese Big5 Search Engine.(*****)
  Search China (*****) (Chinese GB Only) 
a Service of the European Internet Network.
  SoHu or SoHoo (****) (Chinese GB Only) 
  GOYOYO (****) (English, Chinese GB/Big5) 
  Sina Search (****) (the former Richsurf)  
is a yahoo-like search engine in which you can use Chinese or English to do the search.
  Yeah Search Engine (****) (Chinese GB Only) 
  Lotof (****) (Chinese GB Only) 
  5415 (I Am Wild Tiger!) Chinese Search Engine (****) (Chinese GB Only) 
  GlobePage (****) (Chinese GB Only) (****) (Chinese GB Only) 
  OpenFind (****)  
enable you search by country/region, such as Taiwan, China.  
  HLwww (****) (Chinese GB Only) 
use the abbreviation of Pen Ying to search. It is easier to use than type in Chinese GB.
  Chinese Netscape Netcenter (***) (Chinese GB Only) 
we tested it, it looks not so promise.
  ReadChina's Search Index  (***) (Chinese GB Only) 
by ReadChina
  GlobePage (***) (English/Chinese GB/Big5) 
provides searching resource for the Asian Pacific world. 
  Robot (***) (Chinese GB Only) 
is a Chinese language search engine provided by CNNIC
  Cseek (***)  
  Chong Qing Ten (Chinese Ivy) (***) (Chinese GB/Big5) 
  WhatSite (***) ((English/Chinese GB/Big5/GIF) 
is a web site index, but its index is not limited to China/Chinese-related web sites.
  SurfChina.Com -- Search Engine for China (**) (English) 
a Orem, UT based company.
  Index and Directories  Go to Top!
  The Council On East Asian Libraries provides (English) 
This is the only web site I found on Internet that can compete with the Basically speaking, you can find everything there.
  Hua Ye Zhi Nan (Chinese Pages Guide) (***) (English/Chinese GB/Big5) Su conexión con China (****) (Spanish) 
  Age100 (****) (Chinese GB Only) 
100 Chinese GB cool web sites. Very nice design. (****) (Chinese GB Only) 
a very good web directory. (***) (Beijing) (Chinese GB Only) 
a Chinese web sites ranking and indexing site.
  China A2Z (****) is an index site. It also has (English/Chinese GB/Big5) 
  • China-related news archive - This is a good news archive and you can search news for different newspapers.
  • Searchable database of all China periodicals
  • China Event Manager
  • Mailing list manager
  ChinaGold (***) (English) 
is a directory for the web sites about China. (***) (Chinese GB Only) 
is a Yahoo-like web site directory site. Its search engine does not work. (***) (Chinese GB Only) 
a web site directory and index.
  ChinaSite.Com (*****) (English) 
The best and most popular China-related web sites index and directory, run by a Aweto Company in US.
  ChinaSite.Net (****) (Chinese GB Only) 
by Yuanheng Communication Co., Ltd., 143, Jiankang Road, Zhengzhou, Henan, China.
  ChinaScape: Chinese Web Index (***) (English) 
has grown very well. Now they have a lot of links to China related web sites. It is a good start. Chinascape.Org, 10950 W. Forest Home Ave. Suite 22, Hales Corners, WI 53130, USA. (**) (Chinese GB Only) 
is a categorized indexes of China and Chinese related web sites. 
  China Life (**) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
collects some useful information.
  China Vista (****) (English/Chinese GB/Big5) 
is a Yahoo-like web site directory site.
  China Tone (****) (English/Chinese Big5) 
is a Hong Kong based Chinese categorized index site.
  China Express (**)  
is an index of Chinese business web sites, but this site looks like for Zhejiang Province only.  (****) (Oriental Star) (Chinese GB Only) 
is a web guide for Chinese kids and family.
  E-Tend (***) (Chinese GB Only) 
is web site directory.
  Inren's World Online: China (**) (English) 
is one section of the International Renaissance Society Inren's World Online which covers the 185 nations of the world online for education, business, and pleasure.
  L Love (***) (English) 
a web directory.
  Muzi Network  (****) (English) 
  Walton infoNET (****) (English/Chinese GB/Big5) 
  China/Chinese Home Pages (***)  
provided by CND Web Site, and a new one called China Related Internet Resource Center is being created.
  Orientation: Asia's Web Directory (****)  
covers a lot of links to Asia-related web sites.  
  China Links for HyperChina Users (****)  
provided by SinoLogic
  Dynatek Infoworld ( (****) (English/Chinese Big5) 
is a categorized index page. 
  China Internet Yellow Pages (***) (English/Chinese GB/Big5) 
based in Hong Kong provides pretty much information about China such as Chinese Stock Market, Highlights of Websites in China, Who's Who In China, Custom Hand Book, and more ... ...
  CHINESE-ONLINE WebSites (***)  
  provided by IEI.
  Beautiful Links to China (***) (Chinese GB Only) 
features index of Chinese newspapers, magazines, novels, sports,  economics, Internet, software, entertainment, foods, and ...  The problem is than they use the free web site provider to host their site, so their site may disappear at any time.
  Ren Jian Yan Huo (BestSpot) (***) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
claims they are the first Chinese web site rating service -- probably you just get on the Internet and do not know there were already such kind services there for many years. So welcome this new kid online. 
  CNAZ (***) (Beijing) (Chinese GB Only) 
another rating index site. 
  The Great Web of China (***) (English) 
has information about Shanghai Stock Market Data and travel, business, and etc.
  China Unique (***) (English) 
is a comprehensive site on the net for China including Business, Travel, Education, History, Culture, Oriental Cooking, Fun and Games, a great Panda Bear site, and more.
  A Page for Chinese (***)  
has about more than 150 hyperlinks to variety of China/Chinese-related sites.
  Chinese WWW (***)  
  Chinese Page  
at Connecticut College Library.
  ACT Internet Chinese Homepage (***) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
  Asian American Links (***)  
a list of what Asian American're all about.
  China Great Family (***)  by UAH CSSA. (Chinese GB Only) 
  BigChina (**) (English) 
has several categories and a few links. Don't expect too much here. It run by Geopyress International, Co. 1610 E. 10th St. Tucson, AZ 85719
  BeijingCafe (**) (Chinese GB Only) 
links to the popular search engines on the Internet. Its index is OK.
  China Alphabetical Listing and Taiwan Listings (**)  
on Asia Yellow Web (**) do not have many listings so far.
  Hong Kong Web Site Index and Directory  Go to Top!
  Tinway HK Search Engine  (****) (English/China Big5) 
a Hong Kong search engine.
  Hong Kong Internet Yellow Page  (****) (English) 
by Great China Telecom
  Taiwan Index Pages, Maps, and Directories  Go to Top!
  Taiwan Maps (****)  
  Master Index of Taiwan WWW Server (****)  
  Net Taiwan (***) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
is a Taiwan web site index and search engine with some news.
  Taiwan Society and Culture Net Index (***)