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  The Complete Reference to China/Chinese-Related Olympic Web Sites
  [ by Weiqing Huang ]
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  The 2002 Olympic Winter Games

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  Official site of the Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games (English) 
  The Salt Lake Tribune Coverage of the Winter Olympic Games (English) 
  Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Application

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  Official site of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Bid Committee (English / Chinese Big5) 
  Beijing 2008 Olympic Design Topics  (****) (Chinese GB Only)
designs of Beijing 2008 Olympics posters, logos and TV ads,.
  Sydney 2000 Olympic Games

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by, very informative. You can search by country or by category. They supports multi-language such as Japanese, French, Spanish, Korean, and more besides English and Chinese. 
  Sina's Sydney Olympic 2000 (Beijing) (*****)  (Chinese GB Only) 
has a database containing 3000 athletes information which can by searched by athlete's name, sports, and country.'s Olympics (Beijing) (****) (Chinese GB Only) 
  Netvigator Olympic Site (*****) (Hong Kong) (Chinese Big5 Only)
news provided by Reuters. Very good pictures.'s Olympics Site (****) (Taiwan) (Chinese Big5 Only)
news and information covering Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China mainland.
  HutchCity's Olympics Site (****) (Hong Kong) (Chinese Big5 Only)
provides very good picture and video download. 
  Xinhua Olympic (China) (****) (Chinese GB Only) 
  CCTV and's Olympics Site (Beijing) (****) (Chinese GB Only) 
a lot of Chinese team's news. 
  21Pic's Olympic Picture Site (Beijing) (****) (Chinese GB Only) 
a picture download site. 
  @Next Olympics Site (Hong Kong) (****) (Chinese Big5 Only) (Hong Kong) (****) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
  Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Bilingual Site (Hong Kong) (English / Chinese Big5) 
  MingPao's Olympics Site (****) (Hong Kong) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
  Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Information (***)   (Chinese GB Only) 
on Australia Embassy in China.'s Olympic (Beijing) (***) (Chinese GB Only) 
  Sydney 2000 Olympic Games News (***) (Chinese GB Only) 
on Australia Embassy in China.
  Olympics Official Site (*****) (English) 
  Previous Olympic Games

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  Heroes in The Chinese Olympic Team  (***) by Fang Hua Yan
lists all those Chinese heroes in the Olympic game. They can find Mo Huilan, Wang Junxia, Li Xiaoshuang, just name a few. Besides, they also have a web page for Chinese Women Volleyball Team (***) that includes pictures of the battle between China and Cuba, pictures of Coach Lang Ping, players Lai Yaowen, Sun Yue etc.
  1996 China Olympic News (****)
provided by the China Olympic Committee and the Information Office of the State Council, the People's Republic of China.
  AisaNews's China In Olympic Summer Games 1996 (****) (Chinese GB Only) 
hosted by China Daily,, and JNW International, provides updated news from Olympic at Atlanta, Games Schedules, and the Medals counts, as well as HuaZhao On Olympics from the editors of HuaZhao Magazine to feature women's unique perspectives on sports.
  International Olympic Commission Taiwan Office (****) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
a good Taiwan Olympic site.
  CND Olympic Bulletin (****)
is arranged by events. This is a very good source for the Games news, TV coverage information, and more. If you want to find Sports news arranged by time, please check CND Sports Highlights. (***).
  Chinese At the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta (****)
have a lot of stuffs about the Games and Chinese Olympic Team and Chinese Taipei Olympic Team. It is a valuable source of information for you to watch Olympic this summer.
  Olympic Chinese Supporting Committee (***)