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Protesting Movement

  The Complete Reference to the Web Sites of Overseas Protesting Movement
  [ by Weiqing Huang ]
  Remove the Chemical Weapons Left in China  
  Protest Against NBC (****) (Berkeley site).
  Chinese American Foundation

  CBS-IC's Homepage
  Defend Diao Yu Tai Island

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  Protect Diaoyu Islands Web Site (****) and its mirror site in Canada.  
  Stop Japanese Invasion and Protect Diaoyu Islands (****)  

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  Diao Yu Island (****)  

(Chinese Big5 Only)

is a Diao Yu Island Protection page created by Mei Ah Internet
  Stop Japanese Invasion of our Diao Yu Islands !! (****)
  United Protecting Diaoyu Islands (****)  
presented by Presented by the Federation of Chinese Students and Professionals in Canada (FCSPC) and Feng Hua Yuan Magazine
  Diaoyutai Defense Coalition of Northern California (****)
  Global Bao Diao (Defend Diayutai) Logo Campaign (***)