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Weather & Natures

  The Complete Reference to the Web Sites of China's Weather, Maps, and Natures
  [ by Weiqing Huang ]
  China's Weather  Go to Top!
  The China Meteorological Administration (****) (Chinese GB/English) 
have weather forecast.
  (broken) Everyday Weather (***) (Chinese GB Only) 
  Beijing Weather Online (***) (Chinese GB Only) 
features two days, a week weather forecast.
  Central Weather Bureau (Taiwan) (****) (Chinese Big5/English) 
weather forecast of Taiwan
  Hong Kong Observatory (***) (Chinese Big5/English) 
the official authority for Hong Kong weather forecast.
  China's Map  Go to Top!
  Webmap (*****) (Wuhan) (Chinese GB Only)  
the best online map in China, covers not only China's map, but also other country's map in the world.
  China Super Map Album (***) (Chinese Big5 Only)  
this is scanned maps of a number of China's city and province, it is an interactive map system.
  Taiwan Electronic Map Service Network (*****) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
all kinds of map of Taiwan.
  (broken) China Cartographic Publishing House (***) (Chinese GB/English) 
is China's largest and oldest press specializing in maps and related materials.