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  The Complete Reference to China/Chinese Newspapers, News Services, and News Portal Sites
  [ by Weiqing Huang ]
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  China Internet Information Center ( (****) (Beijing) (US Mirror) (Chinese GB/English
China's official Internet news site for overseas.
  Asian Wall Street Journal (****) (English) 
the Wall Street Journal Asian Edition
  Asia Daily (***) by World News (English) 
is an English news digest site.
  China News Agency (***) by World News (English) 
is an English news digest site (it is not related to Chinese official news agency).
  Yahoo! News World Full Coverage: China (*****) (English) 
full coverage of news story of China.
  News at Lycos (*****) (Chinese GB) 
one of the best news site in China.
  Yahoo! Chinese GB Headline News (*****) (Chinese GB Only) 
China Mainland and Hong Kong  news as well as world-wide news.
  Yahoo! Taiwan Headline News (*****) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
Taiwan news as well as world-wide news.
  Yahoo! Hong Kong Headline News (*****) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
Hong Kong news as well as world-wide news. News (*****) (Beijing) (Chinese GB Only) 
is a China-based news portal site
  Focus China (*****) (Beijing) (Chinese GB Only) 
is a news portal site, run by EnReach Technology, Santa Clara, California. (*****) (Chinese GB Only) 
is a news site by
  ChinaNewsNet ( (****) (New York) (Chinese Big5/GB/English) 
is a news site focusing more on pre-democracy news.
  Sina Daily News (****) (Beijing) (Chinese GB Only) 
used to be a very good site, however, it always has some technical problems recently. (****) (Chengdu) (Chinese Big5/GB/English) 
a news and entertainment portal incorporated by Chengdu B-Ray Investment Co., Ltd. and Chengdu Economic Daily.
  CNNews (****) (Chinese GB Only) 
a news web site under
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) ChinaBuzz (****) (English) 
U.S.-based media company which provide the information about life and travel in China and the China experience
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Bo Xun News (***) (Chinese GB Only) 
some news come from overseas Chinese newsgroups or web forums.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Newschecker (***) (Chinese GB Only) 
collects news from newsgroups or web forums.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Beng Tang's Forum (****) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
features Ben Tang's comments on current affair, culture criticism, thoughts of life.
  Inside China Today (***) (English) 
is a service focusing on Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan news provided by European Information Network (EIN), Inc. It has become a paid web site. 
  CAAC Journal (****) (Chinese GB Only) 
a newspaper for the travelers of China Airlines airplanes.
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 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) News Services  
  (English/Chinese GB/Big5/GIF) 
  • CNS Photo (***) a news photo site by China News Services
(English/Chinese GB) 
  (Chinese Big5 Only) 
  (Chinese GB Only) 
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Nation-wide Newspapers  

Chinese GB/Big5)

  (Chinese GB Only) 

      is the electronic edition of China Daily, China's largest English newspaper.

  (Chinese GB Only) 

      China’s most influential military newspaper.

  (Chinese GB Only) 

      is a newspaper published by Chinese Academy of Sciences focusing on science and technology. It is published on every Tuesday and Friday.

  (Chinese GB Only) 

      includes several newspapers and magazines.

  (Chinese GB Only) 

      is a newspaper focusing young readers. It has a computer and Internet weekly "Digital Youth".

  (Chinese GB/GIF) 
features news pictures, overseas Chinese, economics, culture, technology, sports news.
  (Chinese GB Only) 

      is China's police newspaper.

  (Chinese GB Only) 

      is China's environment protection newspaper.

  (Chinese GB Only) 
run by Society Daily, wants to be a society news site.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Beijing  
  (Chinese GB Only) 
a Beijing-based news portal site supported by several Beijing newspapers.
  (Chinese GB Only) 
  (Chinese GB Only) 
  (Chinese GB Only) 
  (Chinese GB Only) 
provides information of sports, travel, life, business, and so on. To surprise you, you can find automobile information here, Take a look at what kind of car is hot in China.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Shanghai  
  (Chinese GB Only) 
a Shanghai-based news portal site supported by several Shanghai newspapers.
  (Chinese GB /Big5) 
is the Shanghai-based daily newspaper.
  (Chinese GB/Big5) 
features Shanghai news, world news, economic, sports, culture, and social news as well as XinMin Weekly Magazine.
  (Chinese GB Only) 
is a Shanghai newspaper for youth.
  (Chinese GB Only) 
contains daily news digest.
  (Chinese GB Only) 
a Shanghai English lanaguge news site.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Tianjin  
  (Chinese GB Only) 
founded by Tianjin Daily, Jin Wan Bao, Tianjin Radio, Tianjin TV, Tianjin Cable, and Tianjin Radio/TV Newspaper.
  (Chinese GB Only) 
  (Chinese GB /Big5)
has more Tianjin local news.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Gongdong  
  (Chinese GB Only) 

is a comprehensive news website jointly established by the major media, publishers, and other organizations in the cultural and social science fields in Guangdong Province. Main organizers include the Nanfang Daily Group, the Yangcheng Evening News Group, the Guangdong Broadcast Bureau, the Guangdong News & Publishing Bureau and the Guangdong Publishing Group.

  (Chinese GB Only) 
  (Chinese GB Only) 
  (Chinese GB Only) 
  (Chinese GB Only) 
  (Chinese GB Only) 
  (Chinese GB Only) 
  (Chinese GB Only) 
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Sichuan  
  (Chinese GB Only) 
  (Chinese GB Only) 
  (Chinese GB Only) 
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Liaoning  
  (Chinese GB Only) 
  (Chinese GB Only) 
  (Chinese GB Only) 
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) HaiNan  
  (Chinese GB Only) 
  (Chinese GB Only) 
  (Chinese GB Only) 
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Other Local Newspapers  
  (Chinese GB Only) 
  (Chinese GB Only) 
  (Chinese GB Only) 
  (Chinese GB Only) 
  (Chinese GB Only) 
  (Chinese GB Only) 
  (Chinese GB Only) 
  (Chinese GB Only) 
  (Chinese GB Only) 
  (Chinese GB Only) 
published in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province.
  (Chinese GB Only) 
also hosts Qian Jiang Evening News, Arts Newspaper and other newspaper published in Zhejing Province. 
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 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) ABC Flash - The Premier Website for Asian American News and Entertainment (*****) (English) 
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) The China Press (****) (Chinese GB Only) 
founded on January 5, 1990, is a Chinese language newspaper published in US with Chinese name Qiao Bao.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) (*****) (Chinese GB Only) 
a news web site located in Los Angles area of US.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Sing Tao Daily (US Edition) (****) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
These are the HongKong's SingTao Daily US and Canada editions. It features news of California, Bay Area, New York, Toronto, Vancouver, ...
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) World Journal (****) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
the largest Chinese Newspaper in North American, features international, regional, sports, entertainment news, and yellow pages.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Renminbao (People Newspaper) (****) (New Jersey) (Chinese GB/Big5) 
focus more on dissident reports.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Global Chinese Electronic Daily News (****) (Chinese GB Only) 
is updated every day, and do have a lot of information.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) New Continent (****) (Chinese Big5 /GIF) 
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) China News Digest (****) (English and Chinese) 
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) The Chinese V.I.P Reference (***) (Chinese GB/Big5) 
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 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Florida Chinese News (*****) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Chinese L.A. Daily News (****) (Chinese Big5 /GIF) 
is a Chinese newspaper focus on South California. 
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Chinese American Internet Newspaper (****) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
is a Chicago-based weekly newspaper. Besides U.S News, Mainland China News, Taiwan News, and HongKong News, it also provides Chicago, Les Vagas, Washington DC, Michigan, Colorado, St. Louis Chinese Community News.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) New Jersey China Times (***)  
is a free Chinese language weekly newspaper serving the Chinese-American community in the New Jersey region.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) China Journal (**) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
(Chinese name: Shen Zhou Xi Bo) published in Chicago. It is out of date.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Chinese Cyber City - Dallas/Fort Worth  
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Seattle Chinese Post and Northwest Asian Weekly (**) (English) 
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 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Sing Tao Daily (Canada Eastern Edition) (***) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Sing Tao Daily (Canada B.C. Edition) (***) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
These are the HongKong's SingTao Daily US and Canada editions. It features news of California, Bay Area, New York, Toronto, Vancouver, ...
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Chinese Press (***) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
is a Montreal, Quebec local Chinese newspaper.
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 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Sing Tao Electronic Daily (European Edition) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
This is the HongKong's SingTao Daily European edition. 
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 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) China Times (*****) (Taiwan) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
a very good Taiwan weekly news magazine.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) ETtoday  (*****) (Taiwan) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
by Eastern Multimedia Corp, a Taiwan broadband cable provider.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) CTNews (****) (Taiwan) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
a join effort by and Kimo, Taiwan's portal site.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) United Daily News  (****) (Taiwan) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
much of the content of the Web site will be drawn from the eight newspapers which the United Daily News Group owns worldwide.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Tomorrow Times  (****) (Taiwan) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
a online newspaper started in Feb 2000.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Taiwan Headlines  (****) (Taiwan) (English) 
an English news site. 
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Power News  (****) (Taiwan) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
(Chinese: Jin Pao) a Taiwan independent newspaper.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) News Center (****) on Sinanet (Chinese GIF/GB/Big5) 
contains news headline for world, North America, China and HongKong, Taiwan, Southestern Asia, and business, technology, sports, and entertainment.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Taiwan Today News (****) (Chinese GIF /Big5) 
provided by Taiwan Today News Network (its mirror site).
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Central News Agency (****)  (Taiwan) (English /Chinese Big5 /GB) 
provides daily news in both Chinese language and English. They also provides photo news, however, that need ID and password to watch.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Central Daily News (****) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
is Taiwan Kuo Min Dong's newspaper.  It has mirror site in US.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) NewsRoom@ccc  (****)   
features Taiwan News, China News, Hong Kong News, and other headline news in Chinese.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Min Shen Daily (****) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Video News Network  (***) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
features Chinese translation of CNN, MSNBC, and other news.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Net Paper Duli-How  (***) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
publishes on each Monday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but is not a well-maintained web site.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) The China Post (Taiwan) (***) (English) 

Founded in 1952 by Mr. and Mrs. Y.P. Huang, The China Post reaches over 250,000 readers everyday providing comprehensive news coverage of the latest events in Taiwan and from around the world.

 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Taipei Times (Taiwan) (***) (English) 
features local news, editorials, business, and etc.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) ePost (Taiwan)   
coming soon.
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 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Sing Tao Daily (Electronic Edition) (*****) (Chinese Big5/GB) 
  HongKong's first Chinese language newspaper.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Oriental Daily (*****) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) The Sun (****) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Hong Kong Entertainment Daily News (*****) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) News Express (****) of StarZhine (Chinese Big5 Only) 
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Wen Wei Po Daily (****) (Chinese Big5 /GB /GIF) 
is the Chinese language newspaper. Also called Hong Kong Wen Hui Bao
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Ta Kung Pao (****) (Da Gong Bao) (Chinese GB /Big5) 
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Ming Pao (****) (Chinese Big5 /English) 
one of Hong Kong's best newspapers. It has Toronto Edition, Vancouver Edition, New York Edition
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Tin Tin Daily (Everyday Daily) (***) (Chinese Big5) 
provides majorly business, finance, and economics news.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) South China Morning Post (****) (English)   
Hong Kong's leading English-language newspaper since 1903.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) HongKong Standard Newspaper  (****) (English)  
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) (****) (Hong Kong) (Chinese Big5/GB) 
offers headline news of Hong Kong, entertainment, finance, lifestyle, travel, education, and more.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Christian Times (***) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Hong Kong News Online (**) is a subscribers site.  
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Macao Daily (***)   (Chinese Big5 /GB ) 
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Apple Daily (**) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
It used be a good site always having some exclusive news. It used to be  the most informative Chinese newspaper on the Internet I believe. However, starting June 2001, you have to pay to visit the site. 
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 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) LianHe ZaoBao (United Morning News) (*****) (Chinese GB/English) 
A Singapore Chinese language newspaper in GB/HZ/Big5 format Chinese code. Please see their Special Report which covers more recent events
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) The Straits Times (***) (English)  
is Singapore's English-language daily newspapers published by Singapore Press Holdings Group
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 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) World News (****) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Chinese Commercial News (****)  
is the oldest Chinese language newspaper in the Philippines since 1919 and the first Chinese language newspaper in the Philippines to be on-line.
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 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) NanYang Siang Pau (***) (Chinese GB Only) 
is the oldest Chinese language newspaper in the Philippines since 1919 and the first Chinese language newspaper in the Philippines to be on-line.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Kwong Wah Yit Poh & Penang Sin Poe (***) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) The Star Online  
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 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Japan New Chinese Newspaper (***) (Chinese GB) 
a Chinese newspaper published in Japan.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) (***) (Chinese GB) 
(Chinese name: Dong Fang Shi Bao -- Oriental Times) a Chinese newspaper published in Japan.
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 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Australia Chinese News Online (****) (English /Chinese Big5) 
run by Australia Daily newspaper, features news, Chinese Library, we forum, stock information, and business information of ChinaTown.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (933 bytes) Technology in China Newsletter (****)  
provides an update on China's Connectedness and how the author's Connection is going. This newsletter provides a lot of up-to-date information regarding China's development.
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