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Business Related Media

  The Complete Reference to China/Chinese Related Business Magazines, Newspapers, TV, and Books.
  [ by Weiqing Huang ]
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 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) The China Business Review (****) (English)  

the official magazine of the US-China Business Council published since 1974, is the leading authority on US-China business and trade.

 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Investor Insight (****) (English)  
by Inside China Today
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) WS Report (****) (Chinese Gif)  
Wall Street Report.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) China Central Television (CCTV) Business Channel (**)  
is China's national banking and financial information network
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Finance Market Net (**) (Chinese GB Only)  
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) CCPIT's Media & Press (***) (English / Chinese GB)  
is the web site of Department of Media & Press of China Council for Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), containing news reports, information of publications and international seminars, exhibitions and trade talks. 
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  Fortune (Chinese Version)  (*****) (Chinese GB Only)  
is the Chinese version of the English edition of FORTUNE.
  ASIA, INC. Online  (***)  
an Asian business magazine, provides Asian business and financial news, Asian stock market information, and other Asian information
  Far Eastern Economic Review Interactive Edition (***) (English)  
is an English magazine on Asian business, current affairs and investment. This site need you to register.
  Chief Executive China (****) (Chinese GB Only)  
by World Executive's Digest of the trade information provider Asian Sources.
  Caijing (Finance and Economics) (****) (Beijing) (Chinese GB Only)  
a monthly financial and economics magazine.
  Sino Manager (****) (Chinese GB Only)  
a magazine for Chinese management professionals.
  China Foreign Exchange Administration (****) (Chinese GB Only)  
is a magazine published by China's State Administration for Foreign Exchange.
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  China Economics Times (*****) (Chinese GB Only)  
  21 Century Economics Report (*****) (Chinese GB Only)  

one of Nang Fang Daily Group's newspaper.

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