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Woman and Man

  The Complete Reference to China's Feminine and Masculine Sites
  [ by Weiqing Huang ]
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  For Man and Woman (****) (Shanghai) (Chinese GB Only) 
features news, auction, fashion, and others.
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  BanBianTian (*****) (Beijing) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
"half sky" is a Chinese woman web site.
  Yesee (*****) (Beijing) (Chinese GB Only) 
a feminine site featuring columns such news, man and woman, cosmetic, sports, entertainment, career, shopping, and health. Nice site design.
  eLiren (****) (Beijing) (Chinese GB Only) 
a female portal. (****) (Chinese GB Only) 
a Chinese feminine site  invested by Vimchamp Group, a garment manufacturer, and Softbank China, and Yen Cheng Ltd. The site features fashion, beauty, cuisine, emotion, culture, and others.
  eLadyLady (****) (Hong Kong) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
  Sun Girls (****) (Chinese GB Only) 
a girl's site featuring a lot of entertainment gossips. 
  RedSkirt (****) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
offers advice and consultation in Careers and Money, Astrology, Fashion and Beauty, and Love and Sex.
  Chinese Women On the Web (CWOW) (****) (English) 
claims to be "Women's guide to smarter living".
  GaoGenxie (High Heals) (****) (Chinese GB Only) 
targets modern Chinese women (21% of Chinese online users). (****) (Hong Kong) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
a feminine site which is a joint venture between ChineseBooks Cyberstore and Minsen Ltd., the publisher of Amy Magazine, a Chinese-language women's publication in Hong Kong, Canada, and Singapore.  (Taiwan) (***) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
a female site.  (Hong Kong) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
invested by Coming soon.
  iBELA  (***) (Hong Kong) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
internet BEauty LAdies, a E-Commerce site for woman, started up by former Hong Kong pop star Zhao Chuiyi.
  Lady of (****) (Chinese GB Only) 
features woman news, health, career information. (***) (Beijing) (Chinese GB Only) 
is a site to promote a series of feminine problem related books covering the topics such as love affairs, single mother, live together, and so on.
  iRose (***) (Taiwan) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
a female site by Dreamer.
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  Sir China (****) (Beijing) (Chinese GB Only) 
a web site for Chinese male Internet surfers.
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  China Super Map Album (***) (Chinese Big5 Only)  
this is scanned maps of a number of China's city and province, it is an interactive map system.
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  Nuxian (***) (Chinese GB Only)  
for women who are ready to give birth and young mothers.
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