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  The Complete Reference to the Web Sites of Chinese Coins and Stamps Collection
  [ by Weiqing Huang ]
  China (*****)   (Chinese GB Only)
by Chinese Collectors Association, provides information of all kind of collections.
  Stefan Lansberger's Chinese Propaganda Poster Pages (*****)   (English)
you can find the posters of Mao's time, which reflect the modern China's history.
  Chinese Coinage Web Site (****)    
presents Chinese coins and charms. This site is in mixed English and Chinese language and hosted in Russia.
  Sea Eagle Coins and Antiquities -- Authentic Ancient Chinese Cash Coins and Antiques (**)  
  is a antique store in Singapore.
  World Postboxes Collection (***) (Hong Kong) (English/Chinese Big5)
  a Hong Kong postal souvenirs production company.
  China Philatelic Information Network (****)  (Chinese GB Only)

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  Philatelic Online ( (*****)   (Chinese GB/Big5)
  All China Philatelic Federation (*****)  and (English Version) (Chinese GB/English) (*****)   (Chinese GB/Big5)
  China Philately News (***)   (Chinese GB Only)
  is newspaper for stamps collection.
  Hong Kong Post Stamps (****) (Hong Kong) (English/Chinese GIF)
  is a site dedicated to Hong Kong stamps and their collectors.
  You Lai You Qiu (Stamp Comes and Stamp Gos) (****) (Taiwan) (Chinese Big5 Only)
 is a very good Taiwan philately site offering stamp information of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China.
  China Stamps Collection (***)    
at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications in China.
  Some Chinese Stamps picture (**)    
at Kenneth Wessels site.