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Health & Medicine

  The Complete Reference to the Web Sites of Chinese Health and Medicine -- Acupuncture, Herbology, and more
  [ by Weiqing Huang ]
  SARS or Atypical Pneumonia

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  U.S. Citizen Services Section of The American Embassy in China (English/Chinese Big5)

have the information about SARS in China.

  CNN Special Report of SARS (English)
  Radiological Appearances of Recent Cases of Atypical Pneumonia  in Hong Kong (English/Chinese Big5)

Currently there is an outbreak of severe atypical pneumonia (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, "SARS") in South East Asia. Some people traveling through the region have become infected.

  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention SARS (English)

an US government web site.

  World Health Organization (English)

the latest SARS information around the world.


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  HealthAnswers (*****)  (Hong Kong) (Chinese Big5 Only)
a web site of Healthway Communications International, Inc. provides health information.
z (****)  (Hong Kong) (Chinese Big5 Only)
a Hong Kong based Hedinet company. (****)  (US) (Chinese GB Only)
a medical information portal.
  US China Doctor (***)  (US) (Chinese GB Only)
offers medical information and news, and medical consulting.
  Healthoo (****) (Beijing) (Chinese GB Only)
a health portal site, but have too much non-health-related information.
  JK123 (Health 123) (****) (Beijing) (Chinese GB Only)
a health portal site featuring news, community, drugs, Chinese traditional medicine, and others. (****) (China) (Chinese GB Only)
a health portal site. (****) (China) (Chinese GB Only)
a online hospital.
  Tuberculosis Control (****) (China) (Chinese GB Only)
by Tuberculosis Control Center of the Ministry of Health
  King Net Web Hospital (****) (Taiwan) (Chinese Big5 Only)
a web site provide medical help and information.
  China Golden Medicine (****) (China) (Chinese GB Only)
provide China's medicine and pharmaceutical information.
  New Health Web (***) (China) (Chinese GB Only)
a medical information site and online hospital.
  iCareChina (****) (China) (Chinese GB Only)
is the Mainland China's web site of iCareAsia (Taiwan).
  iCareAsia (****) (Taiwan) (Chinese Big5 Only)
iCareAsia has utilized a physicians' association-driven approach to build a network of subscription-based physicians, with the ultimate aim of conducting B2B e-commerce between pharmaceutical companies and clinics operated by these physicians.  It also provides healthcare related content to the general public in a web site that allows participating physicians to market themselves on the Internet. It was invested by Warbug Pincus. (****) (Taiwan) (Chinese Big5 Only)
another web site of  iCareAsia (Taiwan).
  Health 99 (****) (Taiwan) (Chinese Big5 Only)
by Taiwan's Department of Health, provides information regarding keeping health.
  KingNet Second Option WebHospital (****) (Taiwan) (Chinese Big5 Only)
on online hospital.  (English) 
Asian healthcare information site. (Hong Kong) (English/Chinese/ Japanese/Korean) 
features Chinese herbs introduction, history, encyclopedia, application, testimonial, and doctor's online.
  AsiaImedx (Hong Kong) (English) 
is an Internet healthcare exchange, enabling electronic transactions between healthcare providers, suppliers and payers.
  HealthMedian (Singapore) (English) 
provides a range of Internet based e-Commerce services to the healthcare industry. The healthcare portal will cover hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, their business partners, doctors, pharmacies and customers. The Company is dedicated to serving the entire healthcare industry with subscription based services, from purchase orders and invoicing to inventory management, shipment of goods, to secure payment and settlement as well as logistic fulfillment.
  Bio Tech Industry

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  Bio (****) (Chinese GB/English)
a bio tech industry portal.
  Sex and Health

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  Sex Happy Life (****) (Chinese Big Only)
provided by (****) (Chinese GB/English)
about sex and love and family.
  Sex Knowledge, Education, and Science (****) (Chinese GB Only)
also has a sex shop.
  Seroxat icn_2star.gif (371 bytes) (China) (Chinese GB Only)
  Jissbon (****) (Wushan, China) (Chinese GB Only)
condom manufacturer.
  China Traditional Medicines

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  SinoMD,com (****) (Chinese GB/English)
traditional Chinese medicine site featuring health news, acupuncture & massage, herbal, health food, herbal beauty.
  TCM-hotline (****) (Chinese GB/Big5 /English/Japanese)
Traditional Chinese Medicine site featuring Chinese medical culture, hospital, Chinese medical proscription, and others. (***)
traditional oriental terapies includes acupuncture, herbology, Qi Gong, Chinese, Nutrition, Tui Na and Chinese Massage, ... ...
  Traditional Chinese Medicine Correspondence Program Website (***)
  Ace Acupuncture Clinic of Milwaukee (****)
is a Chinese traditional Medical clinic specializing in in Acupuncture, Herbology, and Chi-Kung (Qi-Gong).
  Pharmaceutical Companies

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  Tylenol China (****) (Chinese GB Only)

Tylenol China Company