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Guy & Lesbian

  The Complete Reference to Chinese Guy and Lesbian Web Sites
  [ by Weiqing Huang ]

WARNING: This page does not contain adult language or images. However, the web sites listed here are linked to actual pornography. Therefore, you must be 21 years old or older to browse following adult web sites. If you come from mainland China, you are strongly suggested not to enter this page. Listing these sites here is only for the purpose of providing information, and does not reflect any opinions of If you find it is offensive, please do not enter following section, and click here to go back.

For some reason, this page is one of the most popular ones on this site. Please be advised NOT to browse following sites in public place such as your school's computer lab or company. Thank you!

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  Organizations Go to Top!
  Chinese Society for Study of Sexual Minorities (CSSSM) (****) (Chinese GB Only)
A Chinese guy organization in US.
  Chinese Gay Go to Top! (****) (Chinese GB Only)
a web site dedicated to Chinese gay communities. (****) (Chinese GB Only)
Chinese gay news, movies, literatures, and more ...
  Chinese Lesbian Go to Top!
  Giantdot Adult Net (*****) (Taiwan) (Chinese GB/ Big5)
Sex story, picture posting, ...