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The Complete Reference to China/Chinese Related Audio and Video Shopping E-Commerce Web Sites
  [ by Weiqing Huang ]
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  DVD Information

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  DVD Uncompleted Handbook  (*****) (Chinese GB only) 
tells you what DVD videos (pirates) are available in China now, what's good, what you should not buy, what DVD player is good, ...
  Chinese DVD Super Fans Great Alliance  (****) (China) (Chinese GB only) 
provides very useful information regarding DVD technology and market development in China.
  Joe DVD  (***) (China) (Chinese GB only) 
information of DVD video in China.
  New Hope DVD  (****) (China) (Chinese GB only) 
offers all kinds of software for you do play and copy DVD on PC.
  Fantastic DVD world  (***) (China) (Chinese GB only) 
offers all kinds of software for you do play and copy DVD on PC.
  Video and Audio Stores

 Go to Top!  (****) (Salem, Oregon) (Chinese GB Only) 
by Pacific Direct Company, sells music CD, VCD, books, magazines, VCD players, and software.  (****) (GongZhou, China) (Chinese GB Only) 
sells TV shows, movies, music CDs, ...
  AsiaOne  (****) (Asia) (Closed) (English/Chinese Big5) 
a pretty large selections of  Asia CD, VCD, DVD, but it is difficult to find the title you want. The price looks low, and shipping and handling is high.
  YesAsia  (Former (***) (California) (English/Chinese Big5) 
an online store for Asia CD, Video, VCD, DVD. You can find many titles here -- hot pop songs, Jacky Chan's action movies, KaraOK, MTV, and also you can buy VCD  and DVD players here. It is a good Chinese and Hong Kong movie and music shopping site.
  DVD Net  (****) (Taiwan) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
a DVD online store.
  "Mei Ah Group" (****) (English/Chinese Big5) 
is a Hong Kong company engaged principally in the distribution of films in video tape, VCD, CD-ROM, and laser disc format.
  Beauty Culture Broadcast Co. Ltd (****) (Guangzhou) (Chinese GB Only) 
sells video, audio, and others.
  3D Express (****) (Chinese Big5 Only) 
a VCD and DVD store. They sell Chinese, Western, Japanese, Cartoons, karaoke, Chinese Opera, and adult movies. (***) (Nanning, China) (Chinese GB Only) 
a DVD and CD promotion site, no online shopping feature. (***) (China) (Chinese GB Only) 
a Chinese web site introducing American movies.
  DVD Shelf (***) (Hong Kong) (English/Chinese Big5) 
a Hong Kong video/audio online shopping site.
  HK DVD Mart (***) (Hong Kong) (English/Chinese Big5) 
a Hong Kong video/audio store, but no online order is available.
  D2 Entertainment's Online Chinese Connection Store  
sells CD, VCD, LD and so on. It is a nice page, but nothing in there, and extremely slow.
  Big Sky World Music Fusion (****)  
is the homepage of BIG SKY Records which is the brain-child of Australian composer-producer Noel Quinlan, best known for his "Middle Kingdom" series of recordings, combining beautiful ethnic Chinese melodies and performers with modern technology.
You can also find the introduction of Chinese Musical Instruments and Chinese music samples on Realaudio here.
  Tai Seng Video (***)  
is the largest DVD, laser disc, video CD distributor of Hong Kong movies/films.
  Tai Seng Video Marketing (****)  
  Video Buy (***)  
is a online video and audio mall in Taiwan.
  World Video & Supply, Inc (***)   
has Videos, CDs, LDs for sale.
  Asian Electronic Magazines & CD Center (***)  
has Hong Kong and Taiwan magazines and pop music CDs for sale.
  Nan Hai Co., Inc., U.S.A.  (****)   
The Bridge of East and West Culture -- has Chinese Video, Books and CDs for sale. You can also find their arts gallery, the education information, and the events sponsored by them.
  IMAR Corporation  (****)  
is an Internet marketing and content provider. They sell Rock Records products.
  iVideo  (***) (Taiwan)

  (Chinese Big5 Only) 

a online video rental site.
  China CD Market (***)

  (Chinese GB Only)