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The Complete Reference to China's History Related Web Sites

  [ by Weiqing Huang ]
  Historical Architecture of Asia (*****) (English)  
thousands of online photos of historical architecture in Asia from China, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Cambodia, Thailand, Nepal, & India.
  China 10K (***) (Chinese GB/Big5/English)  
have topic of  Remote Ancestors of the Chinese People, Splendid Ancient Cultures and The Yellow Emperor
  China 5K -- Timeline of the History of China (***)
  A Modern Chinese History Virtual Library (****)
hosted in CND server, is dedicated to the memory of Harvard Sinologist John King Fairbank (Chinese name: FEI ZhengQing). This library is sectioned into People's Republic of China (1949-present), Republican Era (1912-1949), and Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).
  The National Museum of Chinese History (*****) (Chinese GB/Big5/English)  
the first of its kind to be established in China, stands on the eastern side of Tiananmen Square in Beijing.
  History of China (***)
is created based on the history portion of China Army Area Handbook.
  History of the Educational System in the People's Republic of China
is a draft written by Professor David B. Surowski.
  History of the Educational System in the People's Republic of China
  Ancient China (***)
presented by Exploring Ancient World Cultures.
  Remembering Suzhou: Urbanism in Late Imperial China 
a doctoral dissertation at Dept of History of UC Berkeley.
  A Brief Chronology of China (***)
  The Tang Research Foundation (***)

(Chinese GB Only)  

  Reverse the Verdict of a Modern History Event (*****)

(Chinese GB Only)  

is a book written by Chen Jiong Ming's son regarding fighting between Chen Jiong Ming, Dr. Sun Yat-sen, Jiang Kaishi. You can read the whole book here.