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  The Complete Reference to Chinese Culture Related Web Sites
  [ by Weiqing Huang ]
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  La Semaine Culturelle De Chine 1999 A Paris (*****) (Chinese GB /French)
a Chinese culture activity in Paris, France, 1999.
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  Cultural Bridge (Shanghai) (*****) (Chinese GB Only)
is a project started in 1995 with the philosophy that all cultures are equally valid even when in conflict with each other philosophically, morally or otherwise. While we do not make a serious attempt at cataloguing cultures in an encyclopedic manner, instead, we explore cultures through the eyes of a visitors to the places found on the site, through interviews with people who have a keen understanding of a culture, through photographs, through a cultural forum consisting of visitor's letters, and we hope to add audio and video clips from our library at some point in the future. Please find China and Hong Kong's culture pages here.
  Culture in China (Beijing) (****) (Chinese GB Only)
features Music in China, Art in China, Literature in China, and Movie in China. Its CEO is movie director Ye Daying, and Wang Suo is the Chief Art Officier.
  Realm of Thought (*****) (Chinese GB Only)
a non-profit web site for Chinese thought, research, and study.
  Han Yuan (Shanghai) (*****) (Chinese Big5 Only)
run by Old China Hand Resources, Ltd., the site features antique furniture, Qipao dress, reading room, and Chinese painting.
  Sinological and Indienous Cultural Atlas (Taipei) (*****) (Chinese Big5 Only)
features Chinese and Taiwan local culture.
  Chinese Culture Net (Beijing) (****) (Chinese GB Only)
is a Chinese culture portal site.
  Chinese Culture Institute of Hong Kong Chinese University (Hong Kong) (****) (Chinese Big5 Only)
features Chinese Ancient Texts Center, and Chinese Literatures and Text Library.