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  1. Site Summary of
  2. General Activity Statistics
  3. Request Summary
  4. Visit Summary
  5. Bandwidth Summary
  6. Definitions
Approximately 5 million hits a month.
More than 1.5 million page views a month.
Traffic to the site increased at 6% monthly from October 1999 to May 2000.
 1. Site Summary of 

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Analysis date:  6/1/2000 Duration analyzed:    5/1/2000 - 5/31/2000 
Offisite links: 7691 Onsite pages: 427
 2. General Activity Statistics

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  Average Number of Hits 4,966,306
  Average Number of Page Views (Requests ) 1,541,251
  Average Number of Visits 414,394
  Average Number of Page Views Per Visit 3.72
  Average Visit Duration 00:01:55
 3. Request Summary

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4.1 Top 10% of All Page View (Requests)

The 10% of files that received the most requests.


 4. Visit Summary

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4.1 Request Patterns Per Visit

The distribution of the top 10 values for "number of requests per visit" over the analysis period shows that users were engaged on our site very well.

# of requests per visit # of visits % of visits
1 160,906 38.83%
2 46,195 11.15%
3 45,549 10.99%
4 39,393 9.51%
5 34,842 8.41%
6 32,239 7.78%
7 14,111 3.41%
8 13,368 3.23%
9 7,781 1.88%
10 3,891 0.94%
Total 398,275 96.11%


4.2 Top 10% of First Requests

The top first pages that users see when coming to your site. The data reflects links from other sites or URLs entered by a user.

  First request document title % of visits
1. /index.htm 16.61%
2. /Chinaxxx.html 9.94%
3. /Media/Newspaper.html 1.10%
4. /Content/Literatures/WeiHui/ShanghaiBabe/index.htm 1.08%
5. /Literature.html 0.93%
6. /chinasite.html 0.40%
7. /History.html 0.37%
8. /Travel.html 0.32%
9. /Military.html 0.28%
10. /Leaders.html 0.28%

4.3 Top 10% of last Requests

The most frequently viewed files prior to a user exiting your site.

  Last request document title % of visits
1. /index.htm 12.98%
2. /Chinaxxx.html 12.31%
3. /Media/Newspaper.html 1.46%
4. /Literature.html 1.11%
5. /Content/Literatures/WeiHui/ShanghaiBabe/index.htm 0.89%
6. /chinasite.html 0.44%
7. /History.html 0.38%
8. /Travel.html 0.35%
9. /Content/Literatures/WeiHui/ShanghaiBabe/001.htm 0.32%
10. /Military.html 0.30%


4.4 Daily visit trends

Shows the number of visits for each day in the analysis period. Weekdays are shown as blue bars and weekends as red ones.

4.5 Visits by day of week

Show the average number of visits for each day of the week over the analysis period

4.6 Visits by Hour of the Day

4.7 Hourly Visit Statistics

  Average number of visits (all hours) 187.68
  % of visits (work hours) 32.92%
  % of visits (nonwork hours) 67.08%
 5. Bandwidth Summary

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5.1 Daily Bandwidth Trends

Shows the bytes transferred for each day in the analysis period. Weekdays are shown as blue bars and weekends as red bars


5.2 Daily Bandwidth Statistics

  Total bandwidth (MB) 30,931.14
   Average bandwidth (MB) (all days) 336.21
   % of bandwidth (weekdays) 76.80%
   % of bandwidth (weekends) 23.20%

5.3 Hourly Bandwidth Statistics

   Total bandwidth (MB) 30,931.14
   Average bandwidth (MB) (all hours) 14.01
   % of bandwidth (work hours) 33.35%
   % of bandwidth (nonwork hours) 66.65%
 6. Definitions

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Hit Any connection to an Internet site, including inline images and errors.

(Page View)
Any hit that successfully retrieves content. Unlike hits, requests are related to content and user behavior. For example, if a user requests an HTML page that has three graphics files, the web server might make a log entry for the three graphics files, the HTML page, and perhaps add some lines for overhead. However, only one request is counted by Analysis.

Visit A series of consecutive requests from a user to an Internet site. If your log file data includes referrer data, then new visits begin with referring links external to your Internet site. Regardless of whether or not you have referrer data, if a user does not make a request after a specified time period, the previous series of requests is considered to be a completed visit.

User Anyone who visits your site at least once. If your log file data contains cookie data, users will be identified by their cookie . If your log files do not contain cookie data, a registered username is assigned to users. Or, if no registration information is available, users’ are identified by their Internet hostnames. Many organizations use Internet gateways, which mask the real Internet hostnames, so user counts may be conservative for those users identified by their Internet hostnames.

Organization A commercial, academic, nonprofit, government, or military entity that connects users to the Internet, identified by an entity’s Internet domains. Microsoft Site Server Analysis groups together all domains registered to the same organization as one organization. If a domain is unavailable in the database, one Internet domain is used to identify one organization.

Request duration The time between two consecutive requests in the same visit.

Visit duration The time between the first and last request of a visit. This time does not include how long users viewed the last request of a visit.

Ad request An opportunity to deliver an advertising element to a Web site visitor. An ad request is a measure of the "active technology" that requires the user to interact with the site before a new advertisement will appear.

Ad click The opportunity for a Web site visitor to be transferred to a location by clicking on an advertisement, as recorded by the server.

Ad click rate The percentage of ad requests that resulted in an ad click.

Geography The continent, country, region, state, city, and zip code are based on an organization's Internet domain registration. Only Internet domains found in the Analysis database are included in region, state, city, and zip code analyses. Each Internet domain is associated with only one zip code, so all users from a domain used in multiple locations are considered to be at one location.