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The "Entrepreneurs and Innovators" of UWTV Interviewed
Weiqing Huang, CEO of

The UWTV "Entrepreneurs and Innovators" program hosts Professor Borje Saxberg, the Director of Center For Technology Entrepreneurship at the UW Graduate School of Business Administration, and Steve Dunphy, the business columnist for the Seattle Times, interviewed Weiqing Huang, CEO of in February 2000.

Weiqing Huang talked his business ambition in the program and answered the questions regarding the current China Internet development status and what will do in this market.

The program was first broadcasted in March, April, and May 2000 on UWTV and Research Channel. It was well received by the investment and Internet professionals.

This program is now available on the Internet. Please visit the ResearchChannel or the UWTV channel to view the video online (Runtime: 00:57:42, Rating: TV-G).



  UWTV can be found on channel 27 in most areas of Pacific Northwest area and most university cables (check "How to Access UWTV " for other areas viewers).