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  The Complete Reference to Web Sites of China/Chinese related Investment
  [ by Weiqing Huang ]
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 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Morningstar Hong Kong (****) (Hong Kong) (Chinese Big5/English)  
is the Morningstar Hong Kong branch.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Investor Relations Asia (****) (Hong Kong) (Chinese GB/English)  
provide information of financial market, especially Hong Kong.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) StockHouse (****)   (Chinese Big5/English)  
incorporated in Yukon Territory Canada, provide financial news and personalized portfolio tracking services on stocks from Australian, Canadian, Hong Kong and US stock exchanges. In April 2000, invested US$7 million for 5.4% of the company stake.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) (****) (ShenZhen)   (Chinese GB/English)  
Chinese stock market information.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) (****) (ShenZhen)   (Chinese GB)  
Chinese stock market information.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Panorama ( (****) (ShenZhen)   (Chinese GB/English)  
financial information web site.
 arr_blue.gif (140 bytes) Financial Firm and Bank  Go to Top!
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) SBInet (***) (Chinese GB Only)  
is China's national banking and financial information network
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) China Merchants Bank (****) (English / Chinese GB)  
information about their services such as saving, credit card, stock,  and "All In One Net" online payment.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) China International Trust & Investment Corporation (CITIC) (**) (English / Chinese GB)  
China's largest such kind of firm.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Bank of China (***) (English / Chinese GB)  
introduces their business, services, credit card, rates, and news.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Hang Seng Bank (****) (English / Chinese Big5)  
a Hong Kong bank.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) China Huarong Asset Management Corporation (****) (English / Chinese GB)  
is a 100% state-owned financial enterprise with an independent legal personality. The main scope of the Corporation covers the purchase, management, and disposal of the non-performing assets transferred from Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Bank of China Hong Kong Branch (****)  
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (***)  
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) China Merchants Bank (***)  
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Asian Development Bank (***)  
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Shenyin & Wanguo Securities Co. Ltd.  (***) (Chinese GB/English)  
was merged between Shanghai Shenyin Securities Co.,Ltd. and Shanghai International Securities Co.,Ltd. on July 16,1996.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Shanghai Foreign Investment Service Center  (***) (Chinese GB/English)  
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Bank of America (Asia) Ltd.  
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Directorate General of Postal Remittances & Savings Banks (***) (Taiwan) (Chinese Big5 Only)  
 arr_blue.gif (140 bytes) China and Hong Kong Futures Market  Go to Top!
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) China International Futures Co.. Ltd. (****)  
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Hong Kong Futures Exchange Ltd. (****)  
 arr_blue.gif (140 bytes) Stock Market and Mutual Fund  Go to Top!
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) The Dow Jones Global Indexes (***) (Hong Kong) (Chinese GB/English)  
features Country/Region Indexes, Sector/Industry, Asia Stock markets, and Foreign Exchange Rates.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) The Dow Jones China Indexes (****)  
includes Dow-China 88, Dow-Shanghai, and Dow-Shenzhen.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Investor Relations Asia (*****) (English)  
a web site for Asia's financial markets, features information listed companies, press releases, stock quotes, brokerage firms, fund managment companies, news, book stores, and etc.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Great Trend Internet Service (****)  
of Shenzhen Securities Information Services Co., Ltd is the most comprehensive Chinese stock market information provider, but most of their information are not free (see their fee).
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) CNNfn World Stocks Market (****)  
lists Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Taipei, and other Asia stock market data.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) United Services China Region Opportunity Fund  
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Finance, Stocks, Futures (***) on ShenZhen Newsnet. (Chinese GB Only)  
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Stock Analysis (***) by Xiangqun Han (Chinese GB Only)  
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Securities Web Sites Index (****) (Chinese GB Only)  
is a very large directory links to all kinds of Chinese securities web sites.
 arr_blue.gif (140 bytes) Chinese Stock  Go to Top!
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) China Securities Regulatory Commission (****) (Chinese GB/English)  
the China's government ministry directly under the State Council, and it regulates the Chinese securities market. 
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Shanghai Stock Exchange (*****)  (Chinese GB Only)  
features introduction, market info, public companies, regulations, and etc..
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (****) (Taipei) (Chinese Big5/English)  

To maintain a fair, open and safe trading market; and to provide innovative, efficient and superior services.

 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) CFI (Chinese Finance Information Network) (****) (Wuhan, China) (English/Chinese GB)  
a finance news and information site. 
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) StockStar (****) (China) (Chinese GB Only)  
a China's online stock trade site, features stock information, online trade.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) (****) (Qinghai, China) (Chinese GB Only)  
by Qinghai Securities Co., LTD., is a online stock trading site. 
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) New One (****) (Shenzhen, China) (Chinese GB Only)  
by Guo Tong Securities Co., LTD., is a online stock trading site. 
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) (****) (Shanghai) (Chinese GB Only)  
a Chinese stock information site. 
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) (****) (Shanghai) (Chinese GB Only)  
a Chinese stock information site. 
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) (****)  (Beijing) (Chinese GB Only)  
(Chinese name: Hai Rong Securities Net) is stock information site. 
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Sinobull (****)  (Beijing) (Chinese GB/Big5)  
provides online trading, real time quotes, chat rooms, email, financial news and data on companies listed on the Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong Stock Exchanges.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) (****) (Shengzhen, China) (Chinese GB Only)  
a online securities  investment site. 
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) (****) (Shengzhen, China) (Chinese GB Only)  
features securities, insurance, bank, personal finance management.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) (***) (Shengzhen, China) (Chinese GB Only)  
a online securities  information site. 
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Stock2000 (***) (Shengzhen, China) (Chinese GB Only)  
a online securities  information site, which was sold to Guangdong Securities Investment Ltd on 9/14/2000. 
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) (****) (China) (Chinese GB Only)  
a China's stock information and online trade site.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) (****) (China) (Chinese GB Only)  
China stock brokerage firm. 
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) China Stocks (****) (China) (Chinese GB Only)  
a China's stock information site.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) (****) (China) (Chinese GB Only)  
a China's stock quote site.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) China Financial Market (****)  
 arr_blue.gif (140 bytes) Personal  Finance  Go to Top!
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) (***) (Beijing) (Chinese GB Only)  
provides finance, insurance, consume, real estate, education, ... to individual users.
 arr_blue.gif (140 bytes) Hong Kong Stock  Go to Top!
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (SEHK) (*****) (Hong Kong) (English/Chinese Big5)  
The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong was formed in 1980 by the unification of four exchanges. It commenced trading in April, 1986.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Growth Enterprise Market (*****) (Hong Kong) (English/Chinese Big5)  
A "Buyers Beware" Market for Informed Investors, is a Hong Kong’s answer to the Nasdaq Stock Exchange.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) ChinaWeb (****) (Hong Kong) (English)  
financial portal for the Greater China region. The site covers business news, information and analysis on Greater China's financial markets. It is majority owned by SEEC Investment, an affiliate of the mainland stock market think-tank, the Securities Exchange Executive Council of China. South China Morning Post newspaper and Talisman Investment Capital  US are also their investor.ChinaWeb is the majority shareholder of Homeway.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) MyStockHK (****) (Hong Kong) (Chinese Big5/English)  
provides financial news and personalized portfolio tracking, and online stock trading for Hong Kong's Stock Exchange.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) (****) (Hong Kong) (Chinese Big5 Only)  
is Hong Kong's Internet stockbroker and claims to be Asia's financial hub. It provides retail investors the financial information, real time stock quotes, online trade services, 
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) (****) (Hong Kong) (English/Chinese Big5)  
by Scorelab, provides information of Asian director dealings and company buybacks. IT has a American site
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) (****) (Hong Kong) (Chinese Big5/English)  
a investment site.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) (****) (Hong Kong) (Chinese Big5 Only)  
run by former Hong Kong's Ping Pong player Dian Lei Chen.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) SHK Online (****) (Hong Kong) (Chinese Big5 Only)  
a individual investors site provided by SHK.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) CN-Markets ( (****) (Hong Kong) (English)  
Hong Kong Financial Anchor Site --  Focusing solely on Hong Kong equities, Supplying our viewers with free stock quotes and charts, and Making available other pertinent investment information
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Asia Net Vest (***) (Hong Kong)  
is an online live stock quote system covering all the stocks, warrants and covered-warrants listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
 arr_blue.gif (140 bytes) Taiwan Stock and Mutual Fund  Go to Top!
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) (****) (Taiwan) (Chinese Big5 Only)  
provides Taiwan stock market information and analysis.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) R.O.C Taiwan Fund (****) (NYSE: ROC), (English)  
is a diversified closed-end investment company registered in the United States